(HTA) Human Tissue Allograft



(HTA) Human Tissue Allograft utilizes amniotic tissue. Human tissue allograft has been used for hundreds of years, utilizes amniotic tissue and is found in the innermost layer of the placenta. Using an array of soluble cytokines and growth factors from amniotic fluid, this treatment can help stimulate the body’s natural healing process.


The amniotic tissue is shown to have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-adhesive properties. It is also filled with growth factors that can promote cellular proliferation, help facilitate new collagen formation and minimize the formation of scar tissue.


Celera amniotic fluid is processed and stored by an FDA distributor using a proven amniotic fluid purification technology. This allows for rapid fluid retrieval, without compromising protein integrity.


In some patients, age 60 and older, a combination of both HTA and PRP can be used to deliver better tissue regeneration results. This is because as we age, the body loses its ability to regenerate tissue from its own regenerative cells. A combination of these two, non cellular based treatments can deliver outstanding results for certain patients. These non cellular treatments contain a protein/cytokine, growth factor, and exosome product derived from a donated placental derived biologic*.


To determine if you are a candidate for either of these treatments, visit Genesis Regenerative Medicine at one of our Dallas Fort Worth area offices to learn more.

What conditions does biological therapies treat?


  • Cartilage and muscle injuries including recurrent injuries like ankle sprains.
  • Ligament injuries including (ACL/LCL/MCL), meniscus tears
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Bursitis
  • Finger joint pain
  • Tendinitis
  • Instability
  • Chronic tendon injuries
  • Non-union fractures
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Degenerative joint and spinal conditions, such as osteoarthritis
  • Chronic pain and headaches caused by neck and back injuries and congenital disabilities like scoliosis.

There are more conditions this revolutionary treatment can help. To learn more and for an evaluation, schedule an appointment with our office.

*The fully consented donation is only from full-term births and mothers who are screened carefully for communicable diseases and tested according to USP 71 and USP 85 standards that are congruent with pharmacology in process release criteria testing.


The donated tissue are put through a validated de-cellularization process that saves and preserves the native proteins/cytokines, growth factors and exosomes needed to reduce inflammation and promote general healing.  Your native stem cells and yours alone trigger your body’s ability to promote the healing cascade.  These placental biologics just assist the signaling of your native cells to doing what they were always built to do, only in a much more efficient manner.


***NOTE – these placental biologics are only from fully consented, fully tested according to the FDA, and full-term births.  At no time is any tissue derived form fetal tissue or post-abortion.